ODR Autocross Series – Southampton Speed Way_alt

ODR Autocross Series – Southampton Speed Way - October 6, 2024

Get ready to elevate your driving game with SCCA ODR at Southampton Motor Speedway for a day of autocross excitement like no other! 🌟Challenge yourself on a meticulously designed course that’ll push your car control skills to the limit. Feel the adrenaline rush as you synchronize with your vehicle in this thrilling time trial-based event. 🏎️💨 Mark your calendars for the ultimate driving experience on Sunday, April 28th and October 6th. Join us at SCCA ODR for an unforgettable day of pure automotive exhilaration!
Ready to seize the moment? Registration for the April event is just a click away. Don’t miss your chance to ignite the track and leave your mark in the autocross world! 🔥🏁
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