Happy National Peanut Month!

By Mallory B. Taylor |
Posted on March 11, 2015
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You can boil ’em, roast ’em, smoke ’em, bake ’em. There’s chocolate covered peanuts, raw peanuts, honey roasted peanuts, cajun peanuts, salted-in-the-shell peanuts, butter toffee peanuts, salt and pepper peanuts, redskin peanuts, sugar coated peanuts, wasabi peanuts, peanut butter and peanut brittle. It’s safe to say all of us in Franklin and Southampton are NUTS about peanuts!

Belmont Peanuts_alt

Belmont Peanuts of Southampton, Inc. was launched in 1993. Currently owned and operated by the Marks’ of Capron, VA. It all started with an idea to promote a product that the Marks family has produced and believed in for generations, peanuts. Belmont Peanuts are always cooked to perfection with the intent of treating your taste buds to that “great fresh taste from the country”! Belmont welcomes wholesale accounts, offer quantity discounts and specialize in private label visit www.belmontpeanuts.com for more information. Oh and why the name Belmont? The Marks family home is named “Belmont” and dates back to 1790, the home is listed on both the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register for Historical Places.


Ever wonder how FERIDIES peanuts got its name? You aren’t the first to ever wonder about the origin. The name FERIDIES was developed several years ago from each of the family member’s last names (ShafER, RIDdick, FrIES). Before taking on this new brand name the locals grew up shopping at the Peanut Patch, founded in 1973. The original concept was to have a furniture stripping business to refinish antiques but as history shows this would not be the Peanut Patch we have come to know today. Today the Peanut Patcj offers gifts for any occasion and of course a wide variety of peanuts and snack mixes, some of which have won International Speciality Food Awards. If you want to get your hands on some FERIDIES be sure to stop at The Peanut Patch in Courtland, VA or various Whole Foods stores across the United States to taste the World’s Best Peanuts and Other Specialty Foods and if you can’t wait order them online at www.feridies.com.


Since 1951, the Gurganus Family has been farming quality Virginia peanuts in Southampton County, the largest peanut-producing county in the state of Virginia. In 1991, Gurganus Peanut Outlet opened to sell farm fresh, family grown Virginia peanuts. Today the Gurganus Peanut Outlet, located directly off of Highway 58, offers a wide variety of cooked and raw peanut products, Village Candles, Virginia hams and bacon, an assortment of homemade crafts, seasonal vegetables, and pumpkins and gourds in the fall. Make a pit stop at the Gurganus Peanut Outlet on your next vacation or place your order online at www.gurganus-peanuts.net.


Did you know Southampton County is home to Virginia’s oldest continuously family owned and operated peanut processor? That’s right Hubs Peanuts, located in Sedley, VA holds the Virginia record. The Hubbard family began producing peanuts in 1954 and have continued to produce high quality peanuts ever since. Hubs ships peanuts to most places around the world and can be found in a variety of stores throughout the United States. To this day, Hubs are still cooked in Sedley, right where they were originally born. Stop by the shop to grab some traditional salted peanuts to try one of their new varieties. Place your online order at www.hubspeanuts.com.

Newsoms Peanuts1_alt

Welcome to the Home of the Jumbo Peanut, where you can find Newsoms Peanut Shop. Family owned and operated since 1980 Newsoms Peanut Shop has the “best nuts on the farm”. Founded by Charles and Nancy Bunn, the peanut shop still to this day cooks, processes and packages their jumbo peanuts to be shipped all over the United States. The Bunn family guarantees the freshest, cleanest, best-tasting peanuts available. If you ever find yourself in the Home of the Jumbo Peanut stop in and grab some of these delicious peanuts! You can also place your order online at www.newsomspeanutshop.com.

Parkers Peanuts_alt

Parker’s Peanuts grew from the vision of US Air Force LT. Colonel Fred Parker, while serving our country for three decades. That vision became a reality when he began production on the family farm in southeastern Virginia. Today, the Parker family still uses the original recipe, roasting delicious, unique and crunchy peanuts in pure peanut oil. If you are looking for the finest, most flavorful peanuts to share with your family and friends visit www.parkerspeanuts.com to order your Parker’s Peanuts today.

Royal Oak_alt

Royal Oak Peanuts have been providing customers with “The Royal Treatment” since the late 1800’s. Quality control is Royal Oak Peanuts’ trademark, from growing and harvesting their crop of delicious peanuts to cooking them according to a time-honored family recipe in pure peanut oil with no additives or preservatives it is easy to see quality is key for Royal Oak Peanuts. The family’s 3,000 acre farm in Southampton County continues to produce quality, gourmet, crunchy peanuts. Order your very own Royal Oak Peanuts online at www.royaloakpeanuts.com.

Va Peanut Company_alt

The Virginia Peanut Company is proud to provide customers with a traditional style Virginia peanut. Their plump meaty jumbo peanuts are hand cooked using the same methods that have been handed down from generation to generation, from tiny kitchen recipes made in small batches, with no additives or preservatives to alter the peanuts all natural taste. The Virginia Peanut Company takes pride in their peanuts and are so confident they back their product with a 100% guarantee. To place your order visit www.virginiapeanutcompany.com.

No matter how you like ’em we hope you enjoy ’em and join us in celebrating National Peanut Month.

As always, we welcome you to Escape to Tradition in the City of Franklin and Southampton County.