Goober, Groundnut, Peanut…ROCKSTAR!

Posted on March 1, 2023
| Posted in Family Fun

Peanuts for everyone! March is National Peanut Month and we have just the road trip for you to discover our favorite snack! You may say, isn’t a peanut a peanut is a peanut?! But our peanut producing rockstars all bring something different to the table. Whether it is flavor profiles, what the peanut gets dipped in, or simply how it is cooked, they all give a unique experience to enjoy our beloved crop. Come try for yourself in Franklin Southampton VA!

Peant Map_alt

Belmont Peanuts and Deli offers a location to enjoy a meal, taste peanuts in some of their dishes, and a HUGE variety of peanut flavors. They range from classic sea salt or chocolate covered to black truffle sea salt, chili lime, dill pickle, everything seasoning, and so many more!

The Peanut Patch Gift Shop is an amazing shopping destination and has gifts for everyone (including yourself) and they carry the delicious Feridies peanuts. They have the classics like salted and redskin but don’t leave without trying (and buying) the cajun and 5 o’clock crunch!

Don’t miss Gurganus Peanut Outlet and their lineup of peanuts in Capron. Look for the burlap bags of in-the-shell peanuts that range from salted to cajun. Also, make sure to grab their chocolate covered as they are the perfect combination of salty and sweet!

Stop by the Hubs Vine to try out Hubs Peanuts and enjoy a meal. People come for the crunch of the salted peanuts but stay for the specialty offerings like heavenly hubs and single origin which are produced with a local farmer that still shocks his peanuts for a truly unique flavor.

Newsoms Peanuts is found on a picturesque road and does good ol’ fashion classic peanuts like salted and redskins but then throw a curve ball with the ever-delicious peanut squares! You will regret it if you don’t take a bag home.

Fly into Parkers Peanuts for their coffee bar and amazing selection of peanuts. They do the basics deliciously but also boast some unique flavors like butter toffee, garlic, and old bay spiced to keep you on your toes!

We hope you will plan a trip and come experience one or all of these amazing peanut businesses!

*Always make sure to check business hours when planning your trip.