Eat Like a Local

Posted on January 26, 2022
| Posted in Dining & Shopping

Sometimes January can feel like an entire year: riding the post-holiday train while wishing for Spring to show her lovely face! Here’s a bright piece of news to cheer up your winter blues, the restaurants in Franklin Southampton are ready to serve you! Before you start perusing menus and checking out specials on social media (which we highly encourage), we’ve compiled a list of the Franklin Southampton Economic Development Staff’s favorite menu items from a sampling of specialty stores and restaurants! Trust us, you’ll be so glad to have heeded these insider foodie tips!

Belmont Deli: “My go-to at Belmont is always the Greek Wrap with a side of tasty kettle-cooked chips. Eating by the cozy fireplace inside is sure to warm you right up! Grab a can of the jalapeno or habanero peanuts for a little extra heat!”

Fred’s_altFred’s: “If you don’t know Fred’s Restaurant, do you even know Franklin?! This Downtown staple calls for an extra special order: the 6oz burger on a pretzel bun with fries. Grab a T-shirt or two after lunch. We can’t type out what the front of the shirt says here, you’ll just have to take our word that you need this souvenir!”

The Hubs Vine: “You know that one lunch choice you dub as your quick order, knowing it’s going to be great no matter how many times you select it? The Veggie Wrap from the Hubs Vine is my no-brainer order! Head back up to the counter for a tin or two of Hubs Peanuts after lunch to continue the local snacking!”

Pino’s: “Keep it simple at Pino’s: classic pepperoni pizza with a BFF (basket of French Fries to the non-local), it’s a combination dreams are made of!”

Vpc Gourmet Market!_altServe: “It’s tough to choose just one lunch order, especially when considering the daily ‘Bobby’s Brown Bag’ lunch specials. All that considered, my favorite lunch option is the Three Little Pig sandwich with a side of macaroni and cheese.”

VPC Gourmet Market: “Here’s a priceless insider tip for you: always add the avocado to any sandwich at VPC Gourmet Market! Choose the Turkey Bacon hot pressed sandwich with the avocado addition. Make sure you add a bag of Virginia’s famous Route 66 chips, never pass up the Sweet Potato bag!”

Time to eat like a local: Head over to the dining tab for a list of all our local restaurants.